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What is Balance NY?

Balance New York, is an independent expenditure committee, dedicated to winning a clear Republican majority in the New York State Senate.

Elections have consequences and with Bill de Blasio’s decisive win in New York City, he is leading the statewide charge to increase taxes and carryout an agenda that will drive families and businesses out New York.

The only line of defense against that happening is electing a Republican majority in the State Senate; committed to defeating these job killing proposals.

We need only to look back to 2009-2010 when there was one party rule in Albany. During that session not only did taxes increase, but spending went out of control and deficits ballooned.

Winning a Republican majority in the New York State Senate is not only possible – but it is critical.  Without it we are one vote away from higher taxes and a disastrous agenda none of us can afford.

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